Virtual Sensors Creation

From the Virtual Sensors Creation page you have the possibility to create Virtual Sensors, and observe your physical infrastructure from two points of view: logical or physical.

virtual sensor physical view

The system physical view provides a high-level representation of the topology of your physical infrastructure, highlighting the available nodes, and how they are interconnected.

virtual sensor physical view

Since many of these information may be redundant while creating new Virtual Sensors, you can also experience the system physical view. This view brings the focus on the relationship between Virtual Sensors, and available physical sensors. In particolar, you can see for each Virtual Sensors which physical sensor is using, and how many physical sensors share the same Virtual Sensor.

Virtual Sensor Creation

You can create Virtual Sensors starting from algorithms previously uploaded on Huxon, and available in the library of algorithms.

virtual sensor creation

Click on NEW VIRTUAL SENSOR to start the creation. Provide a name for the Virtual Sensor, select the algorithm to start from and click on SELECT.

virtual sensor selection

When developing algorithm using the Huxon Language you are not required to know what is the target phyisical infrastructure. You can just specify the type of sensor to use. On this second part of the Virtual Sensor creation, Huxon asks to map the variables defined in the algorithm, with physical sensors available in your infrastructure. Use the drop-down menu to select the sensors and move to the next phase.

For now, you can directly skip the next two steps, it will be available with next releases of Huxon. Click on CREATE to generate the Virtual Sensor.

virtual sensor selection

When generated, the Virtual Sensor is visible in the system logical view.

Virtual Sensor Deletion

You can see your Virtual Sensors from the System logical view tab in System overview. To delete a Virtual Sensor, click on it in the System logical view and a window will open with all the details of the virtual sensor.

virtual sensor deletion

Click on DELETE VIRTUAL SENSOR and Huxon will remove it.

Interaction with Azure Central

During creation, Huxon stores all the information specified, and interfaces with your cloud application on Azure Central, to generate a device, associated with the Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL) created during algorithm creation.

devices in central application

This is the point in which the meaningful data generated by your Virtual Sensor is going to be delivered.